Toronto Art Show 2022: Good Fans of Korean Art

Sunny Gallery is proud to present our second Toronto Art Show group exhibition  starting May 25, 2022.
The exhibition was planned for the cultural collaboration between Korean artists and Canadian Galleries.
We aim to present many Canadian audiences with the excellency of Korean art, and to give Korean artists foothold
in the Canadian art society.

The  exhibition was organized for true fans of Korean artworks, as it will introduce many popular
Korean artworks to Canadian audiences. We believe that the exhibition will bring out the artistic eyes and senses of
the Canadian guests and provide them with the joy of cultural bonding through art.
Also, the exhibition will present forms of art outside of paintings and sculptures by using video media to express the
marvelous artworks we have to offer. Furthermore, we are preparing for multiple performances and activities of
Korean roots to share with the public. We will be having Korean traditional choreography performance, Korean
traditional music during the opening shows, and even tea tasting sessions. The program will be the perfect
opportunity for audiences to indulge in the appreciable Korean art culture.
Through art that please the eyes, music that please the ears, and performances that get the audiences on the edge of
your seat, and taste and smell of tea that will calm one’s soul, the exhibition will please all five human senses of the

With the upcoming Asian Culture month in May, our gallery has prepared a variety of showings for the Canadian
local visitors, and we seek to make many fans of Korean culture and art during the exhibition.
With that, we greatly appreciate this great opportunity given to us from the bottom of our hearts, and we welcome
you to the amazing world of Korean art.

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